Simple Operation

* Pulling the lever twice

* No Battery 

* Manual Handy Tool

* Made in Japan


1. Release the safety lock before use.  A needle comes out by pulling the lever once.


2. Put the article and tag through the hole on the needle.


3. Place the article and tag attached to a foreside of gun and pull the lever once again.


4. The tag is firmly tied with the article by double-loop thread.

       Two sizes of the loop for TT6-H

* Genuine thread for TT6-H

White, Brown, Black, Gold, Red and Green

Single-loop tagging with nylon thread for TT7-H

1. A pipe comes out after pulling the lever once.

2. Place a tag and article through the pipe.

3. Hold a tag and article, and pull the lever until it stops.

4. Remove a tag and article from TAGTACH TT7-H. Tag is firmly tied with a single-loop thread.

TAGTACH is the only one as the Tag Stringer in the world.

Made in Japan