Once you have worked with Towa, our name will stick with you !
Towa is one of the world's leading labelling specialists for hand held tools and offers labelling solutions for numerous markets.
Towa is the company to “ Stick “ to release a troublesome work for labeling and sealing.
Since its inception, Towa's epoch-making tools are manufactured in Japan by our unique design and technical know-how cultivated in long years experience to response to customer requests and market needs.

High Quality

Towa products are reliable high quality tools under sever quality checking systems before shipping.
In regards to key commodity “ Hand Labeler “ , the defective quality ratio was only 0.008% in 2006 But we are not satisfied with the number and we try to make the ratio to 0%. Towa aims to maintain sever inspection by men's hand and eyes, and is determined to carry out that we always listen attentively to what customers says, understand fully what they need, and supply them optimum tool and make efforts every day for the improvement of products so that customers may be prompted to use our products repeatedly as a trustworthy supplier of labor saving tools in various industries related with labels.


 Towa brand is appreciated not only in Japan but also worldwide for long years.
Towa's distributors' network is spreading from Asia, Europe, North and South America, Oceania and Africa.
The name of Towa itself has been established as one of the Brand. The distributors among customers call and sell “ Towa “ instead of calling Hand Labeler and Label Applicator.
Towa is recognized worldwidely due to introducing many Towa products in the website on overseas distributors and companies.

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